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Palmistry is a method of counseling that originated in India over 3,000 years ago. It is a part of a vast field of study, referred to as Samudrik Shastra, which literally means the ocean of knowledge. Palmistry, additionally called Chirology, is the magical specialty of perusing individuals’ palms to decide their fortunes and karma.

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In-depth Study:

The Palmistry course offered by the Institute provides in-depth study of our ancient science, covering a wide range of topics, including reading methods, client dealing, interpretation of lines, shapes, texture and more. 

Personalized Attention:

The class size at All India Institute of Occult Science are kept small to ensure that the teacher can give proper attention to the student. 

Certificate of Completion:

Upon the successful completion of the Palmistry course, students receive a Certificate which recognizes their Knowledge and skills, and moreover enhancing their credibility and career prospects. 

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About Our Palmistry Course

Welcome to our Palmistry Course, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the ancient art of palm reading and identify the secrets hidden within the lines of your hands. Our comprehensive course will give you an in-depth knowledge of palm language and its importance in revealing valuable insights about yourself and others. Our experienced instructors will assist you in identifying patterns, and symbols within the palm, allowing you to provide profound insights into people’s lives and destinies.


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VEDIC Method


Beginner to Professional Palmistry Course

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of unlocking the secrets hidden within the lines of your hands. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll gain:

  • Explore how the hand’s lines, mounts, and shapes convey unique vibrations, providing insights into one’s character, potential, and life path.
  • Develop the skills to recognize strengths, challenges, talents, and potentials within the palm, offering profound insights into individuals’ lives.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or have prior knowledge of palmistry, our course caters to all experience levels.
  • Well-prepared curriculum covering all palmistry aspects, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.
Why we are India's Best Institute


Do you provide online Classes?

Yes, The Institute has been providing Live Online Interactive Class for 12 years.

How many students are there in a Batch?

There are only 10-15 students in a batch. So, that each student can get personal attention.

How will I solve my doubts?
All your doubts will be solved in the class itself. You can also ask your doubts over the application’s ‘Course discussion section’ where you can ask your doubts with your faculty and can also discuss with your batchmates
How are the classes conducted?

Our class is conducted through our own Mobile Application (Android and iOS) and Web App

What if I miss the class?

Recording of your live class gets uploaded on mobile application within 4 hours after the class gets over, so that you can revise it any time.

Do you provide certificate and is your certificate Valuable?

Yes, You will be provided certificate after the successful completion of course (including examination), which is Valuable and recognizable all across the world.

Benefits of Joining Best Palmistry Course in

All India Institute of Occult Science

Why should I Learn Palmistry from AIIOS?

You should enroll in AIIOS, as We don’t believe in teaching, we believe in making you learn and implement. We aim to give you the best training from Basic to Professional level. The most important thing is that institute stay connected with you even after the completion of the course.

What is the eligibility criteria to enroll?

The eligibility criteria for enrolling in Palmistry Course is 10th pass.

Can I earn just after completing my Palmistry Course?

Yes, definitely you will start earning after your course gets completed because we don’t just teach you, we educate you for the course along with practical training and sessions.

How many levels our there in Palmistry Course and Time Duration?

There are two levels in Palmistry Course

  • Diploma in Palmistry for 2 Months
  • Master in Palmistry  for 2 Months

Duration of Course can extend more than the given time because we don’t focus on finishing the syllabus, we focus on making you learn.

What will be the benefits of doing Palmistry Course?
  • You can take it as a Profession
  • You will be a certified Palmist
  • You can predict accurately
  • You can become a certified Palmistry Teacher
palmistry course

What is palmistry?

Palmistry is a method of counselling that originated in India over 3,000 years ago. It is a part of a vast field of study, referred to as Samudrik Shastra, which literally means the ocean of knowledge.

The starting points of palmistry are unsure. It might have started in antiquated India and spread from that point. It was presumably from their unique Indian home that the conventional fortune-recounting the Roma (Gypsies) was determined.

Palmistry is a science that can conjecture the eventual fate of an individual truly. While all the studies of the world show realities or consequences of the past, palmistry is the solitary science that tells about the total past just as what’s to come.

Palmistry is a part of soothsaying which can make legitimate forecasts even without the information on the specific birth season of an individual. Palmistry is an approach to break down your life past present and future.

Know More

How Its Work ?

Palmistry uncovers individual character a lot of attributes through the investigation of the shape, size, and lines of the hands and fingers.

Palmists generally interpret this line to represent their subject’s psyche and the manner in which it works, including learning style, correspondence style, intellectualism, and hunger for information. It is additionally accepted to show an inclination for innovative or scientific ways to deal with data.

● It gives you a sign of your character qualities. This includes you messing around with specific things that are not extremely normal among others. The lines found in your hand make you one of a kind. It involves your character and along these lines lets, you have the option to look for what is awesome you later on.

● It pursuing furnishes people with rules in regards to their future. Furthermore, it gives a sign of one’s character attributes. The initial segment of palmistry perusing is the hand, its shape, and shading. Then, at that point, the significant part of the palm perusing is a translation of the lines on the hand. Note that palmistry isn’t immediate fortune-telling. The occasions on the other hand are yet to be determined, and they can be changed.

● Its pursuing assists individuals with settling on a choice, and discover the course they ought to continue throughout everyday life. When settling on a significant choice, it can assist with acquiring trust in the dynamic interaction.

● It assists individuals with sorting out their motivation throughout everyday life.

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How to Fill out Admission Form 

To enroll in the course, follow these simple steps:
  1. Locate the “Enroll Now” button provided below and click on it.
  2. Fill out the enrollment form that appears on your screen. Provide all the necessary details, such as your name, contact information, and course preferences.
  3. Upload the front and back views of your Aadhar card, a passport-sized photograph, and your signature. Ensure that all these documents are under 2MB in size.
  4. Once you have filled out the form and uploaded the necessary documents, review all the details to ensure that they are accurate.
  5. Click on the “Submit” button to complete the enrollment process.
  6. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email from the course provider. Check your email inbox, including your spam folder, and ensure that you have received the email.
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled in the course.

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