5 main door Vastu Tips for Health, Wealth & prosperity

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Firstly talking about vaastu, it is a very vast field which includes direction, plotting and architectural science and is dependent on 5 elements: sky, earth, fire, air and water. Vaastu deals with the correct designing and plotting of our residential and commercial plots. Confined to the main door in vaastu, it plays a very important role. Main door acts like a gateway for both positive and negative energies in our house. To maintain positivity and happiness in our house we are required to keep our main door well maintained.

Talking about 5 ways, to place main door correctly according to vastu:

Tip 1 : Main door of our house should always be in the East direction as it is considered as the most appropriate direction for the main door as per vaastu. This direction welcomes direct and very first sun rays which makes your house well lit, positive and also improves our health condition. As sun rays consist of vitamin-D which is highly beneficial for our body.
Tip 2 : Keeping the main door in the East direction highly ensures positivity but we should also keep in mind the direction in which the door is opening. Firstly, our main door must be a double door with an inward opening, which directly indicates the welcoming of goddess Lakshmi and her blessings boost not only our wealth but also bring happiness and prosperity in our life.
Tip 3 : Third thing on which we should focus is to keep our main door always clean, neat, tidy and well decorated with fragranced flowers and mango leaves Toran. We should also draw swastika with yellow vermilion (sindoor), these things make goddess Lakshmi happier and showers her blessings on us which results in wealth growth.
Tip 4 :Fourth thing is, we can keep a bowl or pot filled with water in front of the main door, this keeps all the negative energies outside the house and protects from evil eyes.
Tip 5 : Fifth thing is we can place Lord Ganesha’s picture above our main door on the wall either inside or outside the house. Lord Ganesha keeps us in a protective environment away from negative energies and showering his blessings always on us. By keeping in mind these 5 things one can highly ensure positivity, health, wealth and prosperity among themselves and their family members.
Written By- Reena Gupta
Student of All India Institute of Occult Science
Reena Gupta
Vastu Expert
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