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Numerology is a study of numbers derived from birthdate and are connected with planets. The set of number govern our life and give out a lot of information of our personality and destiny.

During our birth and rebirth, we carry different numerology numbers which rule our day-to-day life and much more. In each life, we have different type of experience and endeavor to attain a higher state of awareness. However, sometimes life poses situations in which we make mistakes. Our soul carries certain memories of past life and of these mistakes. The burden of mistakes from past life come up as trials and tribulations in the present life and pose similar situations in which we may make the same mistakes.

When we are reborn, we are given additional load or burden to rectify the mistakes made in our past lives. These numbers are called as Karmic Debt Numbers. It is imperative that one must find out his or hers Karmic Debt Number. This would break the past cycle of mistakes and give a fresh life in the next birth.

Individuals whose birth dates are 10, 13, 14, 16 and 19 are said to carrying Karmic Debts. These karmic debt numbers hold a significant meaning and are indicative to a specific set of problems or experience   the person would need to work through in this lifetime. The following are Karmic Debts numbers with general features and some guidance: –

Karmic Debt Number 10.

These individuals have already cleared their debts. But they will face situations and in next life will reap as they sow.

Karmic Debt Number 13.

These individuals have faced adverse or depraved situations in their past life and have had experiences where their actions were unlawful. In the current life they are more likely to face similar situations.

KarmicDebt Number 14.

of alcohol, drugs and engaged in carnal pleasures. It is highly likely that they may find themselves attracted to such vices again in this life and succumb to it. With the realization of their karmic number, they must remain cautious and refrain from evils of addiction to food, drugs, and alcohol. 

Karmic Debt Number 16.

These individuals in past live have indulged in betrayal in love and relationships. They were self-obsessed and self-seeking. In this present life they are likely to face betrayal themselves and must refrain from repeating their mistakes. They must focus on spiritual growth.

Karmic Debt Number 19 .

These individual in past live misused their power of authority or wealth. They intimated people to achieve their interest.  They must refrain from such practices. They must try to be self-dependent and self-reliant in nature.

Thus, with the knowledge of numerology and karmic debts one must take corrective and suitable actions to overcome the mistakes of past life. This will help us to attain awareness and improve their life.

Student of All India Institute of Occult Science
Megha Chatuvedi
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