How tarot predicts your future

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Tarot Cards Reading

Tarot Cards Reading | How tarot predicts your future?

Tarot Cards Reading
Tarot Cards Reading

Written by Neelam Mohey

Tarot Card Reader

( Student of All India Institute of Occult Science )​

Hello everyone I am Neelam Mohan Limaye from Mumbai.I have done Diploma in Tarot from All India Institute of Occult Science New Delhi.Here I would like to share my learning experience and few things about Tarot cards that are really unbelievable. Throughout the ages, mankind is fascinated with the unknown.It is a natural trait for humans to be curious of what they do not know.Things like astrology and fortune telling have been looked upon since ages.Amongst that the art of Tarot card reading has the most diverse and mysterious history.The written history of Tarot cards dates back to 15th century in Europe and it was originated in Italy in 16th century and gained popularity in France in 18th century.The Kings that time used this divination technique to predict the outcome of the war.Tarot is a secretive knowledge.The word Tarot is derived from Tarocchi an Italian card game.It is a divination technique by which a Tarot card reader counsels,guides and motivates people.

The most popular deck is Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck published by Rider and Son’s company in 1909 in England and it was designed by Arthur Edward Waite and illustrated by Pamela Colmon Smith.The 78 pictorial cards are further divided into 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana suits named as Swords,Wands,Cups and Pentacles.

1)Sword cards indicate any type of conflict within your life.

2)Wands represent our ambitions, future goals and job opportunities.

3)Cups focus on the impact of emotions and relationships.

4)Pentacles focus on materialistic items: money, health, property etc These cards can predict our past, present, future and represent lessons, situations, events, interactions and influences that affect us. They can create a visualization of your situation. Once you see things laid out, it becomes clear what you actually want. The cards help you externalize your problems. It’s a kind of counseling that guide us or show us right path and right direction when we are confused in life. With Tarot cards we can discover and explore more about ourselves and work on balance and harmony in all areas of our lives and work. The 78 cards in the deck each represent different energy. By interpreting the cards that arise in a reading, people can make predictions or simply tell a story. Getting our tarot cards read can help us to answer questions big and small, so our path is equipped with instinct, insight and intuition. The Major Arcana gives insight about significant life event issues, whereas the Minor Arcana revolves around insignificant daily life events. The cards have a chronological order depicting major and minor themes occurring over time. Tarot readings help seekers find clarity around issues in their lives. Tarot readings are very much centered around using the past to understand the present: where am I now, and how did I get here?

They give us an opportunity to take stock of where we are in life and change direction if we need to. They can’t make decisions, but we can use them as a guide to make new choices that feel right for us. There are many myths associated with Tarot card reading such as

1)Only Psychics Can Read the Tarot A person doesn’t have to be a psychic to read the cards. With careful study and intuition and self-knowledge, one can learn to read the cards for self and others.

2)Tarot Cards Are Magic The cards’ power lies in how they are read and understood. Tarot card reader will interpret the cards and try their best to answer the questions and help us find clarity.

3)There Are Good Cards and Bad Cards There are no good or bad cards in tarot. Even cards like Death and The Devil are not inherently bad (although they may warn us about tough times coming our way).Similarly all reversed cards are not bad either and an upside-down draw definitely doesn’t mean a backwards prediction. Reversed cards have their own meanings which the reader can explain.

4)The Death Card Literally Means Death It can feel really scary when a reader pulls the Death card, but it doesn’t mean that you (or someone close to you) is going to die. The death card actually represents the end of a period in your life, signifying rebirth, change, transformation and the start of new cycles.

Bottom Line Tarot cards aren’t a scary, mysterious tool available only to those with psychic gifts. They’re a useful way to connect with your higher self, find clarity and guide yourself towards the future you want. Learning Tarot card reading is a beautiful journey of finding yourself and feel connected with the universe. The feel of getting connected with each and every card is simply unbelievable. How a simple picture can guide you with right choice and option is another fact that we can simply trust upon and take decisions about certain situations in our life. I am thankful to All India Institute of Occult Science for giving me insight about this wonderful journey to become a Tarot Card Reader. It’s a vast subject but very simply taught by Shilpi ma’am so special thanks to her as well. Thanks to Gurudev Shri Kashyap Sir for his blessings and guidance on meditation remedies classes for clearing our doubts before exams. Reading Tarot Cards is an unbelievable experience of experiencing the fact that we are an extension of the Universe itself.

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